Unite Against Bullying, Drugs And Tobacco

Motivational Assemblies with Onye Onyemaechi

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“Unite Against Drugs and Alcohol” Assembly

This exciting anti-drug school assembly program communicates powerful positive messages that children can understand. Onye uses his drums and metaphor of the "village" to provide a motivational focal point for your drug-prevention program.

Together, we can act positively and responsibly as a "village" to ease this human dilemma in schools and neighborhoods. Onye Onyemaechi’s assembly presents inspirational conversations, sound values, music and education to empower students to deal with pressures to use drugs. He is an esteemed presenter who motivates, inspires, entertains and educates.

Key concepts:

What is addiction? You are enslaved by a physically-based habit. You lose your free will, your health, your cognitive abilities and motivation to meet your needs and responsibilities.

Drug use can send you to juvenile hall or jail, thereby preventing you from getting a good job when you need one.

Drugs drain your money.

Most murder and violence centers around drugs and alcohol.
Onye’s interactive assemblies can be the motivational center point of your ongoing programs. Please read more and contact us to discuss your needs.