Unite Against Bullying, Drugs And Tobacco

Motivational Assemblies with Onye Onyemaechi

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Healthy lung / Cancerous lung

“Unite Against Tobacco" Assembly

After a short performance of dynamic African drumming, students are welcomed to Onye's "village." Onye explains that the community has to work together to build health, success and happiness. But ultimately, each individual will reap the results of their own decisions, actions and habits.

Key points presented include:

Any kind of smoking or tobacco chewing has a negative impact on health! It destroys vitality and consumes money for tobacco, higher insurance and cleaning costs equalling thousands of dollars per year. It gives bad breath, yellow teeth, stinky clothing and, despite what we see in the movies, it is certainly not cool!

Smoking causes lung cancer, an excruciating death that often includes other cancers and heart attacks and can cut one's life in half. Chewing tobacco can cause oral cancer which is fatal or requires removal of the jaw.

Smoking is an addiction. One becomes a slave of the big companies that make tobacco products more and more addictive. Addiction erodes will power to control one's own life and overcome obsticals.

All theses messages are communicated using audience participation and visual support.
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Onye’s interactive assemblies can be the motivational center point of your ongoing programs. Please read more and contact us to discuss your needs.