Unite Against Bullying, Drugs And Tobacco

Motivational Assemblies with Onye Onyemaechi

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Unite Against Bullying, Drugs and Tobacco is a series of exciting motivational assemblies that bring focus to youth on issues that threaten their very lives as happy, productive citizens.

For over 25 years, musician, educator and mentor Onye Onyemaechi, MBA, has inspired students at hundreds of schools, libraries, camps and universities worldwide. He talks in real-life terms that young people can relate to, challenging them to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions and realize the life-long impact of the habits they create now.

Students are encouraged to "Unite" to create positive peer pressure to support the efforts of all youths who are searching for a positive role in life.
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Onye’s interactive assemblies can be the motivational center point of your ongoing programs. Please read more and contact us to discuss your needs.

Onye's philosophy emphasizes sound values, respect for others, and the "celebration of life." Onye's assembly positively affected more students and faculty than any other performer we have had here. J. Ross Thayer, Dir. of Student Activities, R. L. Stevenson School, Pebble Beach, CA